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Why Spend Your Budget on the Owner’s Suite?

A lot of floor plans for new homes feature large and impressive owner’s suites. They have space for a sitting room, the bathroom has a giant tub and fancy shower. The model home features upgraded finishes on everything and the whole experience is meant to impress. The problem is, most of the time you spend in that room your eyes are closed.

Almost everyone is on some kind of budget when they build a home. You have to prioritize features and spaces that are most important to you and give up some of the things that may be less important or less seen in your daily life. For us, we think the kitchen and great room are where “home” happens. Those rooms are where you hang out with friends, where you cook for your kids and where you take a nap after a long day. So why spend money on upgrading the owner’s suite?

This is a great example of why you need to make sure your builder’s priorities align with your own. Some builders and home buyers want a luxurious owner’s suite, and that’s ok! Just make sure that you aren’t sacrificing other features that are important to you to get those luxuries.

What are Your Builder’s Priorities?

Every builder has something they focus on delivering to their customers. Whether it’s a high-end house with the most luxurious finishes, large rooms and vaulted ceilings, or it’s a cost-effective house built quickly — every builder is prioritizing features, rooms and benefits over something else. The key is making sure you want to prioritize the same things.

At Aurora Homes, we believe our clients deserve a great home — not just a house — with a great design, at a great value. We believe in building a house that can be adjusted to fit you, instead of you adjusting to your house. When we meet, we’ll talk about how we can start building a home that fits your life.

Want to learn more? Price your future home online right now or reach out! We’d love to chat about your future home in southern Delaware.

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