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We can’t wait to help you create a new home that is perfectly suited to your life. Our team is dedicated to walking you through the entire process from dream to completion. We’re also going to stand behind our home for years after completion through our Limited Warranty.


We are dedicated to our customers, innovation, responsibility, and our local economy.

Aurora Homes was founded in 2015. We called ourselves Statera Homes until late 2020.

(It’s a long story.)

This is us.

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Aurora Homes Team

From left to right...

  • Michele will be walking you through the design and selection process at Aurora. Michele brings years of real estate experience and new construction understanding to help make your selection process fun and successful. Michele lives in Lewes with her husband Dan and has two children- Ella and Colin. Michele would tell you that she is diligent, practical and protective. Michele’s favorite local food is Michy’s in Rehoboth.

  • Maxine helps people explore Aurora Homes. She wears many hats and brings her intelligence and intensity to her many roles with Aurora. Maxine lives in Rehoboth Beach. Maxine would tell you that she’s competitive, personable, and (excessively) caffeinated. Maxine’s favorite local food is Henlopen City Oyster House in Rehoboth Beach.

  • Zack will be managing the build of your new home. His role is to manage progress, quality, inspections, and communications while your home is under construction. Zack has over fourteen years of project management experience in various roles in Sussex County. Zack and his wife Marissa live in Milton and are anxiously awaiting their firstborn. Zack would tell you that he is passionate, professional, and peculiar. Zack’s favorite local food is Harvest Tide in Lewes.

  • Ray helps us with pricing and estimating. Ray loves to drive anything- especially fast things (legally, of course). Ray is a native Delawarean. Ray and his family live in Milton. Ray’s favorite local food is Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth.

  • Erika helps people find out about Aurora Homes. She helps create all the materials and message that informs people about Aurora Homes. Erika lives with her husband and son in Milton. Erika would tell you that she is innovative, mindful, and an overthinker. Erika’s favorite local food is Egg in Rehoboth Beach.

  • Marissa helps Aurora tell its story to the world. She is experienced in home sales and marketing. Marissa and her Husband Zack live in Milton and are anxiously awaiting their firstborn. Marissa would tell you that she is caring, particular, and clumsy Marissa’s favorite local food is Fish On in Lewes.

  • Scott’s job is to make sure everyone at Aurora succeeds in building our customer’s dreams. Scott founded the company in 2015 because he saw a disconnect between the product produced by builders and the people who purchased their product. Previously, he founded another local builder in 2006. Scott has over 20 years of experience in residential home sales, construction, and land development. Scott would tell you that he is creative, driven, and disorganized. His bride Deniene has tolerated him for almost 20 years, and they live in Lewes. Scott’s favorite local food is the Lemon Tree in Lewes.

  • Autumn will help turn your dream into buildable plans. Autumn works behind the scenes in CAD software at Aurora. Autumn lives in Milton with her husband Keith and daughter Aurora. She is thoughtful, analytical, and a bit a of a pack rat. Autumn’s favorite local food is Myagi Ramen Bar in Rehoboth.

  • Keith is probably your first contact at Aurora. He helps understand your vision and translates it into a new home. Keith started building new homes over six years ago, and he has experience in every aspect of new home sales, warranty, and construction. Keith would tell you that he is persistent, enthusiastic, and slightly vain. Keith lives in Milton with his wife Autumn and daughter Aurora. His favorite local food is Po Boys in Milton.

  • (Not Pictured) Dan joined us recently (which means he’s not in the picture).  Dan helps in our warranty and production departments.  Glen is a founding partner of Aurora Homes. Glen has over 40 years of business experience in land development and construction in the mid-Atlantic. Glen serves the entire Aurora team and keeps Scott on task. Glen and his bride Angela live in Delray Beach, Florida. Glen would tell you that he is organized, creative, and unorthodox Glen’s favorite local food is Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth Beach. AND Julie keeps Scott on task. She does a bunch of the admin work from her home in Hershey, PA. Julie would tell you that she is maternal, helpful, friendly. She lives in Hershey, PA with her family. We have no idea where she likes to eat at the Delaware beaches, but we took her to Arena’s once. She seemed to enjoy herself.

Also not pictured are the dozens of Southern Delaware small business that work for Aurora Homes as suppliers and subcontractors.  These tireless business partners are our trusted professional partners, neighbors and friends.

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