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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions

Will you build a home on my lot?

Aurora specializes in building on lots owned by our clients.  We are able to guide you through the entire process from lot selection to completion.


If I find a lot I like, can you help guide me?

Aurora would love to be a part of the process from the very beginning.  We can perform informal site visits on property that interests you, and we can do this before you select a builder.


If I don’t already have a lot, can you help me find one?

Aurora Homes is happy to work alongside you on lot selection, and we can also refer you to trusted REALTOR partners who have experience in Delaware beach new construction clients.


How much can I customize my home?

Aurora Homes is happy to guide you through the design process.  Our process encourages you to make your new home into a perfect fit for you.  Our role is to better understand your needs, desires, and budget so that we can help you craft the perfect space.  Aurora can guide you through the entire design process to create a truly custom home.  All of our designs have standard 


What features are included in the price?

Aurora Homes have “included ingredients” that are unrivalled by other Delaware new home builders in a similar price point.  The specific list of included features does vary based upon Aurora Homes community, and our features do change over time.


What’s the first step in your process?

The first step with Aurora Homes is deciding whether or not we are a good partner for your vision.  

For most people, “vision” is actually a combination of design and budget.  

Everyone who is looking to build has a set of values, and your builder should align with your values.  Aurora Homes places value on design and quality.  Aurora Homes is almost certainly not the lowest price builder at the Delaware beaches, but we still believe that our services represent a great value.  Our best client understands that the lowest price may not always be the best value.

Aurora Homes tries to be very transparent with people who are early in the Delaware new home builder process.  That’s why we allow you to price our homes with certain options on our website at your leisure.


How do I select surfaces, colors and fixtures?

At Aurora Homes, we want to make your new home selections a positive, successful experience.  We understand that some people don’t enjoy making decisions, so we have a dedicated, in-house team that will guide you through the design and selection process.  You’ll have a chance to explore and learn how to best design a new Aurora Home around your life.  Making your selections should be a great experience that ends in a wonderful new home that is uniquely yours.


How will you communicate with me during the build?

Aurora Homes will keep you informed on the progress of your new Delaware home.  We use an app that allows you to track the progress of your new home from any computer or your phone.  You’ll get weekly updates so that you can track the progress from anywhere.  Our process also includes in-person walk throughs and reviews of the build at various points in the build.


Can I tour one of your homes under construction?

We are happy to arrange a tour with our sales staff.  Our active job sites should not be accessed without Aurora Homes staff present.  Also, we can’t guarantee the accessibility of all of our job sites for individuals with mobility limitations.


Price range - how much will it cost?

The final price depends on the design and selections you make in building your new home.  The good news is that Aurora Homes can guide you to your new home while being mindful of your budget.  If you’re in the early stages, it’s easy to get a ballpark by going to Aurora Home’s website and pricing new homes online.  We are one of the few builders that actually gives a significant amount of pricing right on our website.


HOA fees, and how often do they go up?

HOA fees mostly pay for services for the community, so they go up over time.


What’s included in the HOA fees?

Depends on the community.


Do you have different lot sizes?

Lots sizes in specific communities tend to be similar to each other in size.  We are able to work alongside you to find a lot that suits.


How long will it take to build my New Construction home?

Our approach to Delaware new homes means that we never build the same house twice.  We think this allows people to build a home that is uniquely theirs.  This process makes for a longer build time.  Generally speaking, in 2022, we are a six month build from groundbreaking to occupancy.  Like many Delaware home builders, we have material and labor supply shortages that can increase our build time.  We will walk with you through the entire process.  


What warranties are provided with the house?

We have a comprehensive limited warranty that covers some parts your new Delaware home for up to 10 years and is fully transferrable.


Does new construction have realtor fees?

We are happy to compensate REALTORS for their referrals.


What are the closing costs/fees compared to using a realtor/buying a used home/buying a another builder’s home?

If you are buying an Aurora Home in one of our communities, we will split the transfer tax.  Other fees such as sewer and water tap connection fees vary by community.

If you are building your Aurora Home on your property, then you will be responsible for and taxes, permits, and connection fees.  These all vary by location.  Delaware also taxes new construction at a rate of 3.5% of the build cost if you have owned your property for less than one year.  (The tax goes away after one year of ownership).  This tax should be considered as a cost, and many people want to wait to build for one year.  In the more recent past, the prices of new homes has risen to the point where the waiting for the tax to sunset has not been the best financial decision.


Using a REALTOR has no impact on the cost of your Aurora Home.


Can I finish my home myself? 

We get this question all the time for some reason.  If you would like Aurora Homes to build part of our house so that you can finish it on your own, then Aurora Homes isn’t the best fit for you.  We wish you luck.


There are many home builders in southern Delaware.  What makes Aurora Homes different?

Two Things:

  1. At Aurora Homes, we focus on the design of our plans and how they can better fit your life.  If you do a little research into different builders, you’ll learn very quickly that many of the other builders offer very similar plans and features. Aurora Homes’ plans are all designed in house with your life in mind.  A look at our design principles will quickly draw a distinction between Aurora and any other builder.

  2. Aurora seeks to build with a higher level of quality in both materials used and expert labor to build a higher quality home.


At Aurora Homes, we are passionate about design and quality, and our clients understand that the lowest priced home is rarely the best value.

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