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People who build with us want new homes that aren’t based on old designs

Design is everything.

Home designs haven’t really changed in two decades, but we understand that your life has changed dramatically.  We’ve created home designs that accommodate the future rather than relying on the past.

Our designs focus on showcase kitchens, innovative spaces, timeless exteriors, and future thinking features. These plans are designed with passion for your life today and for years to come.

new custom design floorplan in southern delaware

around you.

1. Privacy

  • Owner's Suites that protect your privacy inside and out

  • Integrated Outdoor Spaces that allow for outdoor privacy

  • Extra bed/bath suites that don't need to share bathrooms in larger plans

  • Powder rooms for guests in larger plans

2. Showcase Kitchens

with timeless design & quality

  • The kitchen is the heart of the home

  • Locally sourced cabinets built by hand

  • Spaces designed for gathering in the kitchen

3. Dead End Great Rooms

  • Spaces that are for gathering and not unmarked hallways

  • More wall space that allows for windows or furniture

4. Flexible Dining Areas

  • A space that is compact for day-to-day life

  • An area that can accommodate large gatherings

5. Indoor/Outdoor Integration

  • Seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor space

  • Designs that allow for natural light AND privacy

for your future.

  • Intergenerational Living

  • Home office, home education

  • Comfortable guest spaces

  • Indoor and outdoor living integration

  • All plans can be customized

1. Adaptable Plans

  • Multiple front porch options

  • Modern interpretations of classic architecture

  • Designed for curb appeal without being trendy

2. Timeless Exteriors

  • Energy Efficient Construction

  • Trusted material brands

  • Electric vehicle prewire

  • LED lighting

  • Smart thermostats

  • Smart ceiling fans

  • 3rd party air seal testing

3. Forward Thinking Features

new custom design floorplan in southern delaware

Designed with passion.


Ethical and Sustainably sourced materials and contractors


Decades of combined construction experience


Locally owned and operated


Built for neighbors with limited warranty


Dedicated local vendors and suppliers

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