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Can You Build a New Home In 94 Days?

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

How can you decide which Delaware new home builder is right for you?

The short answer is to listen. Walk into the model home sales center and simply ask them about their homes.

Large, national builders will often speak first of delivery dates and the financial arrangements (like a monthly payment).

This tells you about the priority of the company.

Why we don't promise expedited delivery dates for our new homes

At Aurora Homes, you’ll hear us talk about the design of the home before we talk about anything else. That’s because we think the design of the your space is the most important thing about your new home.

When a builder talks about delivery dates and mortgage payments, what does that tell you about the builder’s priority?

Timelines & selecting a builder in lower Delaware

When looking at a Delaware new home builder, Aurora Homes thinks it’s very important to select a builder who has the same priorities as you do. For some buyers, getting in the home as quickly and inexpensively as possible is the driving factor. In that case, a large national builder is a good fit.

For other people who are looking for a builder, the design and features of the home might be more important that a fast delivery date or rock bottom price.

Years ago, we knew of a builder who was advertising in their website that they could build a new home in 60 days. On the surface, a 60 day build seems like a great idea- who doesn’t want something faster? After a little more thought, maybe this isn’t the best thing after all.

In 2022, the world has pushed that rapid build back to around 94 days.

At Aurora Homes, we can’t build a home in 94 days. We don’t even pretend that we can. We could build a new Delaware home that quickly, but we couldn’t build YOUR Aurora home that quickly.

At Aurora Homes, we can deliver the home we’ve promised- which is designed around your life and built to last. We can’t do that quickly.

The large, national builders can’t build a home like an Aurora Home in 94 days either. They certainly don’t claim that they are even attempting to do so. They are building quickly and they have much lower costs. Most of the time, they will represent this as their main selling features- what they will tell you first about their homes.

Contrasting our finished product to national new home builders

In a sense, the national builders have an honest approach to how they build houses. It’s up to the buyer to decide if that approach is a good fit.

At Aurora Homes, we think a few extra months can be very difficult, but we also think that is a much smaller issue when compared to twenty years in a new home that was built as cheaply and quickly as possible.

If nothing else, then each new home buyer at the Delaware beaches should consider which approach to a new Lewes area home is the best for them. Aurora Homes has built for people who want cheap and fast, and we know its as frustrating for that buyer as it is for a buyer who wants a semi-custom home from a national builder.

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