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Why You Want a Dead End Great Room

Along with the kitchen, the living room is where most of life happens in a home. Movie nights, games on the coffee table, reading books on a rainy day — the living room is a place where you can cozy up and relax after a busy day.

Most living rooms are located in the center of a home with other rooms off of it. The problem with that is your living room is pulling double duty as a hallway. That means you lose space and functionality and the room where you go to relax becomes a bit more busy with the bustle of your home.

That’s where dead end great rooms come in to play. A dead end great room is one that is located in a “dead end” of your home, so there aren’t any rooms off of it other than the one you came from, often the kitchen or dining area. This offers a couple benefits.

For one, you have less traffic through your living room. No one is walking in front of the TV during a touchdown pass or trying to climb over legs and feet on their way from the patio to the kitchen.

Secondly, it gives you more wall space for furniture. Since there aren’t other doors in the way, you can maximize the space for seating.

Dead end great rooms are just one innovation in home building that accommodate how people are starting to live and how the patterns of our lives will continue to evolve over the next 20 years.

Are Your Builder’s Floorplans Embracing How We Lived 20 Years Ago?

There are dozens of builders to choose from in southern Delaware, and each one has its own list of priorities when it comes to building a home. For some, it’s price. They want to build a house at the lowest cost possible. For others, it’s to build the most luxurious house with every bell and whistle in the most prestigious communities. For us, it’s building a home that you can feel, well, at home in.

Part of building a home you feel at home in is embracing new technology and patterns of life, which is why we designed the Vista series. Most builders are still relying on their tried and true floorplans. And that makes sense because they still “work”, but to feel really at home and comfortable in your new house, you want a floor plan that does more than just work. You want a floorplan that’s specifically designed to accommodate the pattern of life you’re living right now.

At Aurora Homes, we believe our clients deserve a great home — not just a house — with a great design, at a great value. We believe in building a house that can be adjusted to fit you, instead of you adjusting to your house. When we meet, we’ll talk about how we can start building a home that fits your life.

Want to learn more? Price your future home online right now or reach out! We’d love to chat about your future home in southern Delaware.

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