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Flexible Dining Spaces: A Welcome Innovation in Home Building

Remember when houses used to have a “formal dining room”. Twenty, even ten years ago, it was normal to have a separate space for dining. It was a room apart from the kitchen and living room and usually contained a large dining table and some other furniture for housing all the things used for “fancy” meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In most of those homes, however, families would eat at the kitchen table for the majority of their meals. It was convenient, more intimate and tended to be the natural space to gather. That’s why flexible dining spaces have become so popular.

Think about it. Your table is where important conversations take place, it’s where you catch up on the day, it’s where you hear about work and about school. So it should feel like a part of you’re every day life, not sequestered away on its own.

Flexible dining spaces replace the formal dining room and are open enough to accommodate you and all your friends, yet cozy enough for your nightly family meals. They usually fit in with the rest of your main living areas: the kitchen and the living room. This way, your dining table feels like an integrated part of your day, not an isolated spot you sometimes go to eat.

Check out this plan to see how the dining area is integrated with the other living spaces, yet still has a space all its own that can accommodate a large number of people. Now, some might now be drawn to how the dining space in that particular example can feel, but there are other options that are just as flexible but offer a little more distinction between rooms like in this example.

Your dining space should be a key consideration as you build a new home because it will undoubtedly be where you spend the most intentional time making connections with your family and friends.

Make Connections a Priority With Intentional Design

There are tons of ways to approach building a home, each with its own set of pros and cons. That’s why there are so many home builders and so many different opinions on who builds the best home.

For us, we want our houses to foster connections. We intentionally design our layouts with living spaces that flow into one another and we dedicate more square footage to those spaces than we do to rooms like the owner’s suite. Things like the dining room — where it’s located and how it functions — are important considerations to us because we know that meaningful connections are often made sitting around a table sharing a meal together.

At Aurora Homes, we believe our clients deserve a great home — not just a house — with a great design, at a great value. When we meet, we’ll talk about you and how your house should fit how you live.

Want to learn more? Price your future home online right now or reach out! We’d love to chat about your future home in southern Delaware.

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