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Do You Love Black Windows? Know Two Things...

Black Windows

Two thoughts.

TLDR: It’s all about how the windows will age- in two critical ways.

If you’re going put in the care and effort to design a new home in Lewes, Delaware, you want the result to be a house that will stand the test of time. Not just structurally — of course you want your house to stay standing for the next several decades — you want a house that still looks up-to-date in 10 years.

Trendy home design tends to wow buyers when they see it on Pinterest or in a model home. The problem is, it only looks great for 10 years or so. Most homeowners don’t have the budget to completely redesign their house every 10 years, which is why going with classic design features gives you a house that will stand the test of time.

So the question then becomes- what is “classic”?

Right now, black windows are all the rage. Are they classic? They certainly aren’t new. Colored window frames have been around as long as paint and windows.

And, for the record, what we mean by black windows are windows that have black exterior window frames. This look first appeared around 2010 in high end homes, and they have become very popular to help create the “modern farmhouse” look.

At first, these were simply for high end homes, as only expensive windows were able to be made with black frames and sashes.

Aurora Homes was one of the first Delaware new home builders to install black windows. Aurora uses Andersen 100 series windows, and these windows were available in black long before other builders who use vinyl (plastic) windows.

Black plastic windows were a problem for vinyl window manufacturers for two reasons.

First, vinyl gets pliable when its exposed to heat. Black vinyl absorbs far more heat than white vinyl, so this presented a problem in southern climates.

Second is the issue of how color fades over time with sun and weather exposure.

Until a few years ago, plastic window manufacturers didn’t offer black window frames because of the heat issue. As it happens with innovation, they now seem to offer them. Apparently this issue has be resolved.

For Aurora Homes, we use composite windows that are stable at temperature and have a warranty for color fading that is good for 10 years.

Black windows are more expensive that white windows, but they can create a very cool look.

At Aurora Homes, we understand that a great new Delaware home is one that is built to be the prefect space for years to come.

We also thing that a little education goes a long when choosing to build a new Delaware home.

We try to guide people to classic exteriors that are timeless, and black window frames can certainly be a part of that timeless exterior.

Going with a classic design doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace innovations in floorplans and features. For example, homes are specifically designed to accommodate how our patterns of life have changed and how they will continue to change over the next 20 years and beyond. Design features like a flexible dining space and dead end great rooms improve upon old designs and better accommodate our ways of life.

There are dozens of builders to choose from in southern Delaware, and each one has its own list of priorities when it comes to building a home. For some, it’s price. They want to build a house at the lowest cost possible. For others, it’s to build the most luxurious house with every bell and whistle in the most prestigious communities. For us, it’s to build a house that truly feels like a home, one that is designed for your life and how you live.

The most important thing for you, though, is to choose a builder that aligns with your priorities. Whether that’s price, timeline, quality, features, whatever it is, make sure you hire a builder that’s on the same page as you with what is important in a home. That includes the floorplan and how your rooms flow into each other.

At Aurora Homes, we believe our clients deserve a great home — not just a house — with a great design, at a great value. When we meet, we’ll talk about you and how your house should fit how you live.

Want to learn more? Price your future home online right now or reach out! We’d love to chat about your future home in southern Delaware.

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