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All Builders Are Not Created Equal - Find One You Can Trust

Updated: May 13

Have you ever thought about how you build a sandwich? Some people put the cheese on top of the pickles so the bread doesn’t get soggy. Some have a specific meat to cheese ratio they abide by. Some just throw everything on their sandwich without worrying about the order it goes on. The point is, everyone has a process for building a sandwich that’s based on what they prioritize. Flavor, sogginess, speed of building the sandwich, each one will influence your process in different ways.

Home builders are no different. They prioritize things based on what is important to their ideal homebuyer. Some builders prioritize speed, so their processes reflect the desire to be as efficient as possible. Their buyers want a new home, but they need it quickly. Other builders are looking to save money, so they allow their contractors less time for work and reduce the number of features included in their house. Their homebuyers have a tighter budget but still want the flexibility that comes with a new home.

This is why it’s so important to understand what things are important to your builder. If they don’t align with what’s important to you, you’re bound to encounter tension throughout the process.

It’s also key to remember that whatever your builder is prioritizing, they have to deprioritize something else. If they are focused on speed, quality might suffer. If they are focused on quality, speed might suffer. There is a tradeoff with everything.

Building with Aurora Homes in Lewes, Delaware

At Aurora Homes, we believe our clients deserve a great home — not just a house — with a great design, at a great value. When we meet, we’ll talk about you and how your house should fit how you live. After all, if you’re going to build by the beach, you should get a home you love.

Want to learn more? Price your future home online right now or reach out! We’d love to chat about your future home in southern Delaware.

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