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Wyatt Second Floor
Wyatt First Floor

Thinking about custom?

You shouldn’t have to design your life around your house.

We’ll design your house around your life.

We do this all the time.  Let's set up an appointment so we can better understand your requirements and your budget.

We have inhouse design or we can collaborate with an architect. We'd love to have a conversation about how a new custom home can be built around your life and budget.

Our DNA is new home design. We don't really add value when we aren't part of the design, so we're not a great fit for your needs. We'd be happy to refer you to contractors we trust.


I want to build an Aurora Homes plan with modifications.


I want to design and build a custom home.


I have plans and need a builder.

Harper Virtual Tour.PNG

5.25" Baseboard Trim

Luxury trim is included in your Aurora Home

You deserve higher standards.

Take our virtual tour to learn more about our standard features.


Building a new home should involve some research, education, and entertainment.

So You Want To Build A House Podcast
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